Robin Silberling, User Experience Designer

Howdy! Welcome to my online portfolio and resume. Here are some highlights from my career:

For most of the last ten+ years I've focused on designing user interfaces for enterprise web applications. I am currently the lead user experience designer at Open Text for Web Experience Management, an industrial strength content management web application. During the dot-com boom (and bust) I was the senior UI designer/architect for Allegis, a web startup, where I oversaw seven major releases of their partner relationship management web application. In the mid 90's I was part of newly-formed UI team at Netscape designing user interfaces for their browser's web page editor and server products. I've also been fortunate to work with some amazing people at Apple on HyperCard, serve as a lead interaction designer for an Apple operating system, and design an educational multimedia product published by Prentice-Hall.

Want more details? My resume contains a little more background, or check out my full portfolio...

I am currently living in in Austin, Texas. Here's how to contact me.